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Romany Malco Trailer for Dope Soul Collective

April 23, 2022 Romany Malco
Dope Soul Collective Podcast
Romany Malco Trailer for Dope Soul Collective
Show Notes

The Dope Soul Collective Podcast is dedicated to creating a safe space where dope souls can vibe, connect heal and grow. Because dope souls go through real shit. Just because we make it look easy, doesn't mean it hasn't been hard or heavy. Founder Trisheana Hunter provides a space where authenticity, truth, healing and enlightened endings can live and thrive. Listen as Trisheana interviews other dope souls from different backgrounds, experiences and walks of life as they share their journeys through the adversity, healing, creativity, setbacks and  growth that lead them to the dopeness they create in the world everyday! Come vibe with us! Hear the journey of incredible actors, musicians, poets, writers, activists and many more and  learn how to over come obstacles. Be inspired and empowered to grow through your struggles, trials and pain in order to gain new insight into how to tap into the true dope soul you already are! 

Episode 1  the premiere of the Dope Soul Collective Podcast features the incredible Romany Malco of Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man, A Million Little Things, Weeds and Tijuana Jackson Life coach as he shares his passion for humanity, his journey from hip hop to Hollywood and on to fatherhood. Romany shares incredible insights, life experiences and wisdom to help you scale your life, discover your authentic self and be successful. Romany is a profound actor whether he is being serious and confronting mental health and depression on ABCs A Million Little Things, or making you laugh every time you watch Baby Mama along side Saturday Night Lives Tina Fey. Many of you will recall him from Act Like a Woman Think Like a Man a movie displaying the struggles of black love and dating! This is a do not miss episode for sure! 

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