Dope Soul Collective Podcast

The Heart of Atlanta, Spring & 3rd W/ Special guest Poet Abyss

April 15, 2022 Poet Abyss Season 1 Episode 3
Dope Soul Collective Podcast
The Heart of Atlanta, Spring & 3rd W/ Special guest Poet Abyss
Show Notes

Enjoy this incredible episode of dope soul collective podcast with Abyss! Producer of Spring and 3rd the story of the Yin Yang Cafe later known as Apache Cafe, the heart of Atlanta and birthplace of a culture that influences everything! During this episode peabody award winning poet of Russel Simmons Def Poetry, Poet Abyss shares the story of an incredible part of Atlanta History and culture, The historic Yin Yang Cafe in  the heart of the city that  influences everything! The south definitely has something to say. And it's still speaking loudly to another generation through arts and culture.  Enjoy a taste  of the amazing culture of black excellence that is represented in Atlanta and specifically on Spring and third home of the Yin Yang and later Apache Cafe! Thanks to Abyss the voice of the south is being heard through his new film about Yin Yang cafe that would later become Apache Cafe in the heart of Atlanta. It was the home of neo-soul, new sounds, and wordsmiths producing the likes of India Arie, Anthony David, Bone Crusher, and Dres Tha Beatnik.  No one tells its story quite like Dope Soul Abyss! Abyss brings the fire and the heart to the Dope Soul Collective!  Not to mention Dres Tha Beatnik  also featured in this film is coming soon for y’all as well!

Dope Soul Collective podcast is devoted to creating safe spaces where dope souls can vibe, connect, heal and grow because dope souls go through real shit.

Life is filled with adversity , pain, grief and challenges. Join me and other dope souls as we share our journeys, stories in effort to inspire and empower you on your own journey!The Dope Soul Collective Podcast is dedicated to creating a safe space where dope souls can vibe, connect heal and grow. Because dope souls go through real shit. Just because we make it look easy, doesn't mean it hasn't been hard or heavy. Founder Trisheana Hunter provides a space where authenticity, truth, healing and enlightened endings can live and thrive. Listen as she interviews other dope souls from different backgrounds, experiences and walks of life as they share their journeys through the adversity, healing, creativity, setbacks and  growth that lead them to the dopeness they create in the world everyday! Come vibe with us! Be inspired and empowered to grow through your struggles, trials and pain in order to gain new insight into how to tap into the true dope soul you already are!

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